Acting for Advocates


Acting Training and Communication Skills for Barristers and Solicitor Advocates

Learn the acting and delivery skills of a trained classical actor.  This training is based on a Theory and Exercises approach.  We start with a clear explanation of the Theory/Method followed by Exercises to put the concepts into practice.  Not everyone is a natural storyteller but everyone can learn how to tell a story with style, detail, sense and intelligence.

Training and Coaching for the very best Advocacy in Court

  • Learn the components of a story 
  • And using those components, learn how to tell the story 
  • Learn how to create momentum to make your narrative compelling and persuasive
  • There are an infinite number of ways to ask a question.  How many are you using? 
  • Learn how to develop, maintain and cultivate the interest of both the Jury and the Judge in your argument
  • Learn how to make sense of long and complicated pages of text when speaking
  • Learn how to vocally parcel out in sections your argument in order to make it and keep it interesting
  • Learn to make the most of your voice by using it effectively

Skills you will learn:  

How to use the classical actor’s vocal tools of Pitch, Pace, Pause, Power and Inflection to your very best advantage.

How to create and deliver effective question groupings to build momentum, building to the final summation of your argument.

How to ask questions in a sympathetic and unsympathetic way depending on who you are examining.

We use stories, poems, texts from plays, role play, theatre games, improvisation, and we will study and use examples of excellent advocacy analysing the text in order to understand how you would deliver it.

I teach privately in my home in Wandsworth for individual students and for groups up to three.  I am also available to teach in other venues, colleges, chambers and firms.  Please contact me for more information.       07880 493989